Hi! I’m Tiffany Kelley, author and creator of My So-Called Vegetarian Life. My hubby and I made the decision to give up meat (poultry, beef and pork) in March of 2017. It was an “on the whim decision” (the kind of decision you make after having a few cocktails by the pool on spring break) that was likely one of the best of my life! I feel better, sleep better and most importantly have gained a better awareness of my body and overall nutrition.

When we kicked the habit of meat (yes, we still eat fish on occasion), we jumped in ‘cold turkey’. It was not difficult for me, but it was a HUGE change for my husband. He was a meat and potatoes kinda guy. So learning to make meals that would satisfy his hearty appetite was a challenge at first. We now have settled into a meal planning routine that balances our (mainly) plant based lifestyle. While he considers himself more of a grill master, it has been fun to discover new recipes that we can prepare together.

When we made this choice we committed to maintaining the “we can add meat back into our diet” at any time mantra, although at this rate, I don’t see that changing any time in the near future.

I first started this site in late 2017, in the hopes of journaling about my experience, sharing new recipes and meeting/collaborating with other food lovers out there. I started the process of journaling my experience on Instagram and still maintain an active feed. In the process, food photography has become another fun hobby. Feel free to check me out on Insta!

I am always open to feedback and hope to connect with you soon!